Women as a group are underinsured.

Whether a woman is a stay-at-home mom or out in the workforce, the VALUE of her contributions to the family should not be underestimated.

The questions that come to mind are, “What would happen to the family if mom wasn’t around? Who would manage the day-to-day housekeeping, the laundry, driving kids to and from their activities, preparing meals, etc?”

Today, women are better educated and when employed outside the home, often make more than their spouses. But overall, women are not buying coverage, and if they are, it isn’t enough. In fact, 43% are not covered and those that have life insurance are only carrying 25% of the value that would be needed by beneficiaries.

Getting women the life insurance they need is Easy!
• Look at your existing client files.
• Review their coverage.
• If only one spouse is covered, then they are only half covered.
• Show your clients these facts and your next sale could be that Easy!

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