Start adding Final Expense Life Insurance into all your sales!

The average funeral today is $10,255 and rising. Final Expense Life Insurance is needed by everyone.

It takes care of funeral costs along with other final expenses when the time comes. Why have your clients

leave their loved ones with a financial burden while they are already dealing with a loss? It’s a “peace of

mind” plan that will be greatly appreciated by everyone.

Did you know that 60% of the

population has never been contacted

about Final Expense Life Insurance?

It’s a simple and easy product to sell.

Don’t give your commission away to

some other agent, YOU need to be the

one to offer this service to your clients!

How much could final
expenses cost?
Transfer of Deceased $250
Professional Services $1,817
Embalming $628
Casket & Vault $3,490
Memorial Service $125
Hearse $275
Facilities Charge $845
Graveside Services $325
Other cash payments include:
cemetery plot, gravesite
opening/closing, flowers,
obituary, headstone, etc.
With an average annual Inflation
Rate of 3.39%*, it could be as
much as $17,034 in 10 years.

Final Expense Platform
Fully Underwritten Whole Life
Cheapest Premium
No Blood Draw
As Low as $10,000 Face Amount
Single Pay and 10 Pay Options Available

Simplified Issue Whole Life
Maximum Death Benefit: Ages 0-55 / $50,000;
Ages 56-65 / $40,000; Ages 66-75 / $30,000;
Ages 76-85 / $25,000
Minimum Death Benefit: $1,000
No Medical Exams
10 Pay Options Available
Easy Application
Mid-Level Premiums
Issue Age 0-85
Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
100% Guaranteed Issue
Graded Benefit
Minimum Face Amount $5,000
Issue Ages 50-80
Highest Premium

Start adding Final Expense Life Insurance into all of your sales!

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