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“LAZY MONEY™” Free Client Downloads

Here are some great client pieces that will help make you and your client’s more money! By using these ALTERNATIVES, they will still have the benefits they are expecting from their money: 100% accessibility with complete safety.

These LAZY MONEY™ downloads are fillable so you can customize each piece! It’s easy, just open them up, type in your agency information, and “save as” to your computer’s desktop, then print or send them via email to your client(s).
Please make sure to contact Justin at 866-452-3670 or email him at justin@pipaclife.com to learn more about the LAZY MONEY™ Alternatives!

It’s time to put your clients’ LAZY MONEY™ to work for them... and YOU!

Ok, let’s cut to the chase... money has two purposes, earning interest or buying stuff. If it is not earning interest or buying stuff, then it has become LAZY MONEY™

LAZY MONEY™ is tolerable to clients because it is safe and they have access to it. You need to adapt to these expectations and show them the other ALTERNATIVES that are 100% accessible and have safety to their principal, plus getting:

  1. A Premium Bonus at issue of up to 12%
  2. Tax-Free wealth transfer to their heirs
  3. Monthly payments to cover Long-Term Care expenses (paid in a cash)
  4. Potential for growth with possible double digit returns without any risk to their purchase payment
  5. Non-Med Simplified U/W (no blood or urine), with Phone History Interview
  6. Return of Premium at any time (like CDs and Money Markets)
  7. What about commissions? Call us at 866-452-3670.
Here’s the bottom line: The “LAZY MONEY™” concept is successful due to the easily understood client marketing pieces developed. Please read the Case Study below and contact us to get your clients’ LAZY MONEY™ to work for them AND you!

Example Case Study

Cindy CD-holder (65 years old)
$100,000 1 year CD earning 0.71%
(National Average)

• Transfer to heirs
• Guaranteed interest
• Access when needed
• $112,000 Contract Value (At Issue Indexed for Additional Growth)
• $229,135 Non-Taxable Death Benefit
• $3,145 Monthly Chronic Illness
• $5,243 Monthly Nursing Home
• $100,000 Surrender Value Immediately!

To start using the LAZY MONEY™ sales idea, contact Justin at 866-452-3670 or justin@pipaclife.com

LAZY MONEY™ is a trademark of AMZ Financial.