Here is a solution that can do so much for your client and their family!
We call it “Live, Die, or Quit...YOU WIN” Life Insurance.


1) GUARANTEED PREMIUMS for Long Term Care benefits.Your client’s premiums are guaranteed to never increase. Your client has access to 100% of the death benefit paid monthly for long term care for nursing facility, assisted living, home care, etc.


2) Guaranteed TAX-FREE DEATH BENEFIT. When they die, the death benefit is income tax-free to their beneficiaries.


3) Guaranteed CASH VALUE GROWTH. Your client’s money growsannually at a minimum of 4% (unlike CDs and money markets)

4) RETURN of PREMIUM (all years). If they decide to terminate the policy, they’ll receive all premium payments back.

...THEY WIN (and so do YOU!)

*Brief description of product. See policy for details.

To learn about Life Insurance with
Long Term Care benefits, at guaranteed
premiums, call us today!

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*Brief description of product. See policy for details.