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Your group business owner clients face a great deal of financial decisions. In addition to taxes, retirement, and estate planning, they must also worry about providing retirement benefits to their firm’s employees, retain their key people or preparing for their loss, and preparing for the day they will hand over the reins to someone else.

PIPAC LIFE Brokerage has a “Path to Protection Plan” — answers to questions and strategies for your Group business clients.This plan will vary according to your client’s priorities and stages in life. However, there are some starting points to consider for both their personal and business directions:
“There is so much more your GROUP businesses need besides health insurance coverage — they need protection for their business and personal paths now and in the future!”
• Have they saved enough to maintain their lifestyle and
become independent of the business?
Estate Planning
• Can they successfully transfer the assets they have
worked a lifetime to accumulate?

Retirement Plans
• Does their qualified retirement plan complement their
business objectives?
Executive Compensation
• Have they created programs to recruit, reward and retain
key employees?
Employee Life Insurance
• Do they offer portable, Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance to

Key person
• If a key employee dies, will their business
suffer financially?
Business Succession
• Have steps been identified to transfer the business to
others at a fair price?
For more information on how to get
with our Path to Protection Plan,
contact Justin at 866-452-3670 or justin@pipaclife.com