Policy & Quote Statuses

As a PIPAC LIFE appointed agent, one of the great services we offer is providing complete overviews of your policies and quotes. By clicking on the “big green status button” in the left column, you can view the status of your current and pending cases 24/7 from anywhere that has an internet connection.

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Quote Status

The Quote Status table shows date sent, type of product, product name, status, magnifying glass icon (more details), and request action. You can select a variety of “Requested Actions” in the drop down menu that will give you even more options to manage your quotes. These include: requesting an application, a contract, a re-quote, a reminder, or to close a case.

Policy Status

The Policy Status table will show the policy number, carrier, the name of primary insured, product name, the benefit (face amount) and the status (with agent, carrier approved, approved, etc.) and magnifying glass icon for more details (it gives up-to-date notes on the progress of the policy.)

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