Here are just a few SALES CONCEPTS that PIPAC LIFE Brokerage has created to help agents write
more business. We are here to help our agents with all aspects of a sale including: marketing,
quoting, product selection, presentation, underwriting, delivery and follow-up.

Here are just a few SALES CONCEPTS that PIPAC LIFE Brokerage has created to help agents writemore business. We are here to help our agents with all aspects of a sale including: marketing,quoting, product selection, presentation, underwriting, delivery and follow-up.

Lazy Money
When money gets lazy many people put up with it because they want to keep it safe and have access to it. Also, they may desire to leave it behind for their heirs if they don’t need it during their lifetime. Above all, the biggest reason people put up with lazy money is they don’t know an alternative exists!

If you can do the following with your CD or Money Market Lazy Money – would the client be interested?
Bonus up to 12%
100% Accessibility to all of your principal
Beneficiaries get a tax free benefit significantly higher than your deposit
Tax free benefit to cover Long Term Care Expenses if needed
Pay an interest greater than your current CD – AND potential additional interest credits
No chance of losing any of your money

College Funding
Placing an Indexed Universal Life policy on a child not only covers the life of the child and at a lower cost than a policy on an adult, but the potential cash value accumulation inside the policy can help offset the costs of college in the future. What if they don’t go to college or get scholarships? Use the cash and the gains for whatever needs you may have in the future – and if managed correctly, its 100% tax free!

Term Roulette

Do you have clients that only buy Term Life insurance over and over again? It’s a risky game, as health conditions may change in the future and premiums only increase with age. Use a low-cost permanent product that can guarantee coverage to age 80 or 85, and if interest rates increase – the coverage can be extended for more years or they can take the cash value the new interest rate earns.

CD Maximization
Many people that have CD’s like the ability to live off the interest the CD generates. What if you can get them a larger income – PLUS a tax free death benefit AND Long Term Care coverage if needed. By blending a Single Premium Immediate Annuity and a Life Insurance policy, you can do this for them!

Policy Review
Policy Review is an important step for all of your clients. By bringing them in once a year to discuss their current situation and filling out a needs analysis, you can see if your client’s current insurance is doing what it should be. More often than not, more sales are created by identifying new needs – and you keep building the relationship between yourself and your client. Use PIPAC Life’s Policy Review and Needs Analysis forms, along with our custom marketing material, to inform your clients about this service.

Term vs. Term ROP
Term insurance is easy. You buy coverage for a certain period of time. If you die during that period, there is a death benefit. If you live, you get nothing. But what if you could get something back? Return of Premium Term (ROP Term) offers the same coverage during a set term length, but if you are still alive after that term length, you get all your premiums back! Most people aren’t using term for actual death coverage, it’s just-in-case type coverage. Any time you show a term case, make sure to show an ROP term option as well.

Show Me the Money
Do you have clients that are receiving Social Security payments? Are those payments getting taxed – and do your clients know it is? By reallocating assets your clients have in CD’s or money markets into more tax friendly vehicles, you can lessen your clients total tax liability for the year. Not only are the new vehicles life insurance and annuity products, but the money you save them could be further used for the protection and income that client needs.

Worksite Life
Work with group insurance? The typical group life insurance policy tends to be small face amounts, only pays out if the employee is actively at work, and if they ever leave employment the insurance cancels. Even worse – this is the only life insurance most people have! Worksite Life offers employees a choice of Term, Return of Premium Term or Whole Life insurance at face amounts they get to choose. The products are 100% portable – they go with the employee if they ever leave. They are paid through payroll deduction, and the BIGGEST advantage is they are GUARANTEED ISSUE for the employee – NO HEALTH QUESTIONS! Make sure you add this product to any Employee Benefits Package you offer to your groups!

Business Owner and Executive Services
Easily land the big cases inside all your group business. Using the Business Owner and Executive Services program, you will easily be able to determine specific needs for your higher level business personnel, show them the needs and values of coverage the business is missing, and place the right coverage in place for their business to be ready to handle any situation that comes along.